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      Maryland-based artist, Good Intent, aka Marty Valentine, uses contemporary R&B, pop-infused songwriting to share his tortured yet romantic take on the human condition. He dropped his first
EP, “The Sada Project”, on his 16th birthday, June 1, 2016, followed-up by several singles including “Diamond” in 2017. He wrote “Froze Over”, which was included on blackbear’s 2018 album Cybersex and his version of do re mi was included on the do re mix tape. His sophomore EP, “Onodera Valentino”, was released on Valentine’s Day 2018. The EP was self-produced with a guest feature by Kelow LaTesha.
      Said to be setting the tone for the future of popular music, Good Intent has been compared to Tracy (formerly Lil Tracy) and blackbear, who has referred to him as a “genius”. A rare talent, his composition style sets him apart from others. Classically trained in piano studies, his keen understanding of chords leads to airy and whimsical note by note arpeggios that pack a heavy beat. With each new release and his production work, he is gaining momentum and the attention of industry influencers such as blackbear, Lil Yachty, Goldlink, Allan Kingdom, and Ski Mask the Slump God. Good Intent was nominated by Illroots Awards as a 2018 "Producer to Watch". But he is most proud of his work when dedicated fans cover his original music!
       Good Intent makes the move to L.A. July 31, 2018, where he will contribute to blackbear’s beartrap sound. When you hear his recognizable tag, “ridin’ round in that kompressor with my lil bro Good Intent”, you’ll know you’re in for a smooth ride, with its fair share of glimmer and grit. Next in line is a 12-track mixtape titled babyMarty, and his long-awaited freshman album, “In a Heartbeat”.

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